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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Taipei Day 4 x Minimal Cafe!


I like this day the most as compared to the others. Why? Because I get to go to cat cafe!

The group was split into half after breakfast as some of them went to visit one of the famous Chinese doctor while the rest proceed to cat cafe!

We reached there quite early and the shop is still closed )':
Here's a photo I took before I got in. Haha~
We went to a nearby shop to have some dumplings and came back for some desserts at Minimal Cafe (cat cafe).

We were told not to carry them because they might be afraid and bite us so if we're lucky, they will sit on our lap (:

Mustache kitty!

Looking innocent here~

Time for some shots with the kittens~ ^-^/*

I got trolled by this cat. LOL !!

Oh oh and not to forget, I ordered cheese cake and earl grey (:

Trying to be funny. Lol

Trying to disturb the cat who trolled me earlier on. Hahahaha

So close!


We left in awhile because we had a tight schedule on that day. Such a pity because the fattest cat was hiding underground and we did not manage to see it.

Our driver picked us up from the cafe and we then proceed to see the 黄金瀑布 and one old ruins I think it's related to some war in Taiwan!
It was near the ocean so it was really cold that day. I think it's about 12 degrees and with very huge wind blowing~~~~~~~~~

Some historical sites behind.

Behind is the 黄金瀑布 (Golden waterfall?)
It's named as the Golden waterfall because the water and rocks are golden in color because of some acid reaction which can burn your hand off.

It doesn't look golden here because it rained the day before so the water looked kind of diluted hahahahha.

Ming trying to act cool. Lol

Oh by the way, this rock is special! Why? Because it looks like a gorilla looking at the right --->
Like the side view of the gorilla and the left side of the rock is the back.

After some photo taking, we proceed to Jiufen for some nomnomnomnoming session. :)

Meat paper. Haha

Bought this cute honey stick but I accidentally broke it that day -_-

Peanut Ice-cream wrap! MUST TRY but without the vegeeeeee~

Some snail food, REALLY NICE TOO!!! They added some special sauce to it and it's extremely good but too bad it isn't hot.

Spotted this cute little sad looking dog along the way. TOO ADORABLEEEEEEEE *-*

Grill mushroom. Nah~ not that nice, I prefer the fried one.

Fat face me.

We left Jiufen and proceed to Shifen to put sky lantern!
That place was used for shooting the 那些年,我们一起追的女孩!


Bought these as a souvenir! ^.^
It will light up when you shake it.

We put up fireworks as well.

Here's a video below!

Last photo of the day!

A photo with Ming at some pretty looking bridge nearby and looking like a fatty.
It's really cold out there !

Bye~ ^.^

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