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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Skin Renewal Treatment at Cellnique! Stand a chance to win SGD80 Cellnique Treatment Voucher!

Hello all!

Some of you would say that I have nice skin or my skin is flawless but actually if you are my friend, you would know that actually my skin can be really bad sometimes with very bad breakouts and sometimes it might look almost flawless but it's covered with makeup.
In pictures, I might look flawless but it's all fake! Because it's not taken by DSLR or super clear cameras that can capture these little details and I don't use flash too. You will believe it after reading below!

Anyway, I was invited by a lady from Cellnique to try out their facial treatment and today I'll be doing a review on it!

Cellnique is originally from Malaysia and they had 3 branches in Singapore that carries the product, which one of the branches (Eros Beauty) is located near my place. Yay ^-^/
It's quite convenient for me because I wouldn't have to take very long to travel to the place and back home with my ugly face after extraction. :P

When I reached the place, I was greeted by two ladies who were at the counter. 

One of the lady guided me to the consultation room and examinec my skin condition.
She told me that I had combination skin where my T-zone is more towards the oily skin with huge pores like most Singaporeans because of the hot weather in Singapore.
For me, I'm more concerned with my clogged pores because I've really bad CLOGED PORES! Like bumpy nose that can be seen by naked eyes and the black/whiteheads are really deep into my skin which those really deep ones can't be removed by extraction.

After examining my skin, she recommended me to do a Skin Renewal Treatment because my skin looks a little dull and this treatment will brighten my skin by stimulating cell renewal and also reduce my sebum production to even it out.

I was then guided to the next room for my facial treatment.
The place is relatively small but the ambience is not that bad, with calming music. Quite comfortable for me.

Oh and before I start, here's a before image of my skin after removing my makeup.
No editing was done on my face!
With and without flash!
As you can see, I do have some acne breakout and some freckle-looking dots which is actually scars from my acne breakout previous. You can see most of them on my forehead.

First, I did a 3-in-1 mask which uses fruit enzymes with small beads for exfoliation of dead skin cells and also whitening of my skin. When the mask was being applied, I felt some prickling sensation on my face which they said it was normal. One of the masks has a very pungent smell too! Me-no-like!

After the mask, Jasmine did extraction to remove my black/whiteheads on my nose and some of the problem areas. I would say it didn't hurt that much except for a few areas that are more sensitive but the pain is still bearable.

Lastly, I did this mask above which I think it smells like charcoal and rice. 

Here's the after image of my skin!
With and without flash!
You can see my face is a little red because of the extractions.

If you compare the picture (without flash), I would say my face does look a little brighter and not as dull.
Personally, I think that the beautician did a great job in removing my black/whiteheads especially on my nose. After the treatment, my skin felt really soft and smooth. The exfoliation and the mask does help to brighten my face and it's not as dull as before. However, I do not feel any whitening effect on my skin, o
Overall I would say that I am quite satisfied with the treatment because my skin is really super smooth now! Like baby skin (:

Besides that, the staff are really friendly and experienced from what I see because I keep asking them questions about my skin, this and that and they answered it with confidence. Hahaha thumbs up! (:

One of them actually introduced me to use the Skin Action Sebum Gel that has a 10-day money-back guarantee which I bought it to try to see if the black/whiteheads clogging my pores will be totally cleared up because they are really stubborn and deep in my pore! ):
I might do a separate review on it!

For more details, visit Cellnique's website below!

Cellnique is having a SGD80 Treatment Voucher promotion!
Limited to the FIRST 50 People!!

To win,
Simply click this Facebook link and comment on the photo below to win!
As simple as that. (:

I would like to thank Cellnique for giving me this opportunity to try out their treatment!

Thank you! (:

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