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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum


In case you guys missed me, here's an old photo of me :)
Looking fair! I think this was about 2 years back?

But now I'm not as fair as I was ):
The weather had been torturous for the past few months and I've been getting tanner and tanner.

I was recently sent a new NIVEA Body Whitening Serum to try out.
I've applied for about 2 weeks and now it's time to do a review! Yay ^-^/*

Here's how it looks like.

NIVEA Body Whitening Serum has SPF 25 PA ++ and is the first body whitening serum with sunscreen.
As you know sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays and prevents your skin from getting sun burnt. 

This body serum has a very thin and light texture which is suitable for day use.
It is not thick at all and applies onto my skin easily but I use quite a bit of this product even though it's 200ml.

I don't use it during the day because I don't really like the feeling of having something on my skin. I know it's bad but I feel that if I perspire, I would feel very uncomfortable and therefore I only use this at night to try out.
Good thing that this product is not sticky but it does take some time to be fully absorbed to my skin.

After trying for two weeks, I would say that I've gotten a few shades lighter because my watch tan line is not as obvious as last time. I don't like to get a tan so this is definitely a good product to whiten my skin because I always get unwanted ugly tans like the tee shirt's sleeve tan line or short's tan line. 

I think it is especially important to apply some sunscreen before heading out because the weather really suck these days so this product comes in really handy for me. Thumbs up (:

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