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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Genting Malaysia!

Hello all!

I was being sponsored by Genting Malaysia for a trip to Genting and visit one of their latest rides there.

Supei was my partner for the trip! ^-^/

We woke up really early that day to meet up at the coach departure area which is really far from our home and took the coach to Genting!
I know I'm kind of swaku here but it's my first time going to Genting :X
Maybe I might have been there in the past when I was really little but I can't remember at all so I assumed that I had never been there before.

We reached there at about noon time to meet up with JQ, our tour guide for the trip and proceed to check-in and unload our heavy bags before proceeding for lunch.

Our room! (:

Lunch was at Bubbles and Bites!

The place looks cosy and has a nice ambience (:

There's lots of delicious food over there!

Many yummy food on the tableeeeee~ *drools* (#^-^#)

Fish and Chips. The fish tasted like green curry fish.

Peri Peri chicken! This is really nice and is quite spicy too.

Baked spaghetti. Taste unique and kind of like fried spaghetti.

Seafood aglio olio! My favourite (:

There was also a wine/sparkling tasting session too but I'm not really a fan of it so I drank only a little.

Had cheese cake and chocolate cake too!
(I'm not a glutton okay, I shared it with the other bloggers too. :X)

After lunch, we took a walk around their Visitor Galleria to know more about Genting and I was shocked to know that First World hotel is the largest hotel in the world with over 6000 rooms!

There was also an overall map of Genting!

After some walk, we're ready to try out the new rides at their theme park, The Waves!

Does it look kiddy to you? I think it does, but actually it's not!
It is really fun watch the people play before we actually got to try it because this thing actually spins really fast! It'll start slow and slowly build up and zoooooom~~~~~!

Here's a video I took!

When I actually got to try the ride, Supei was like literally sliding towards me and the force is so hard that I got squeeeeeeeeezed to one side! I wanted to try it again but the queue was pretty long so I went off. )':

Supei and I then went around to play some of the rides.

AAAHHHHHHH!!!!! This is my favourite! (≧∇≦)/

Dinner time was at Coffee Terrace, a buffet restaurant.
The restaurant serves a lot of different cuisines from Peranakan to Japanese, etc.
Lots of yummy food again!

I don't like the satay! There were a lot of sticks on the satay which I think it is the hair/fur that they did not remove from the animal. D:


Ok I did not eat all of this myself okay, I shared it with Supei ! I'm not a glutton! :X

Some vain time after dinner!

Peace! ^-^V

After dinner, we took a walk nearby and went to the Snow world ! I think it is similar to the one in Singapore (The Snow City) but much bigger and colder than that.

Ready to get in!

The bad side about the Snow World is about the staff over there.
I took the float to play the slide down and the staff at the top kicked my float REALLY HARD that the staff at the bottom could not stopped it on time and I got bruised at my thigh for hitting the corner. -_-lll

We can't take photos inside because phone and camera was not allowed so JQ tried to take a photo from the outside!

It was really cold inside and one of the guy Alan actually called us to play Ice man inside and I was the unlucky one to be the Ice man ):
I kept running, trying to catch them and after awhile I was out of breath! So much for not exercising. Lol
It was really fun but we had to get out after awhile because it is really cooooooooold inside!

After Snow World, we went back to the hotel for some rest for the day.
The next day was a free and easy trip before we went back to Singapore.

Although it was a short trip with long and tiring journey, it was really fun because the other bloggers are really nice and friendly. (:

Last photo before I end this post!

Bye! ^-^


  1. i'm local but i dont even know first world is the largest hostel..

  2. Hi, am planning to go there with my family as well. Just wondering, do you know what the rates are for each room? It looks really affordable from but perhaps its even cheaper if I book it from the hotel website direct?