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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taipei Day 1.


I'm back from my Taipei trip. I was there for 6 days together with Mr. Ming and friends!
It was a really tiring trip because we all slept late and woke up really early everyday but it was really fun. (:

There's lots of pictures in this post, so do take some time for it to load.
Pardon us for our unglam photos~ :P
Not wearing lenses!

At the airport ready to fly to Taipei !

We touched down at Tao Yuan Airport in the morning around 6am and went to our hotel to put our luggage before going for breakfast.
Looking tired from the early flight. This was taken outside our hotel.
FYI, We're staying in Inhouse hotel which is located at Ximending.

Guess what's our first breakfast at Taipei?
MacDonald's! Kind of sad but we had no choice since the shops are not opened yet. Hahaha

Taking the metro to... somewhere :X 
I didn't know they can use this to tap like an ez-link card. Lol :X

I can't remember where's this place.

Look at what the boys are up to.

Ming and I looking tired.

Tommi looks like he's floating.

We went around taking pictures here and proceed to our foot spa + massage!

After that we had a quick lunch and went back to check-in to our hotel and have a good rest.

At night, we went to Shilin Night Market for dinner (:
This is nice!

NomnomnoMing :X

Trying to make a retarded face :X lol

Eating fried milk!

Smelly Tofu! This store sells really nice smelly tofu (:
Finally got someone to try with me. I find that the smellier the tofu is, the better it taste because it does not have the smelly taste on your tongue if it really stinks.

I find that it isn't that bad and I kind of like it. My mouth smells like shit that day after eating it. :X

Oh, something for you guys to take note of is NOT to buy fruits from Shilin Night Market because most of the stall owners will con you. Check the price before buying and reject if the price is unreasonable.

We passed by a darts game stall and asked Ming to play because he's good in it.
There's 8 darts in it and Ming scored 6 out of 8. It was kind of funny at that time because the stall owner looked quite worried when Ming kept scoring. Haha


I like the strawberry one (: Oh look! It's turtle shoe on the right :X

Mahjong game that I didn't even win once. Lol.

Prawning! They use very thin strings to tie the hook.
Out of 7 tries I only managed to hook up 1 small prawn. ):

Three basket of rings which we didn't even managed to get one in. LOL. 

Seraphina and Delwin went to make a wax hand figure. 

Tadaa base is done.


Content not suitable for age under 18. LOL

Bought a white chocolate one. Taste like waffle and it's quite good but kind of unglam to eat it -_-ll

This is really nice but I'm not sure what it's called. It sold at the 青蛙下蛋 store.

We filled our stomach and went back to our hotel for some gathering before turning in for bed.

End of Day 1! ^.^

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