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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Storage box for hamsters?


As the title says, storage box can be used for hamsters!
Recently I changed to using storage boxes or I would say containers as tanks are really heavy to wash -_-
It is a pain in the butt to wash Mafia's tank all the time because it is so heavy to carry it and it takes so long to clean it up. Plus I really need to get a bigger house for my three little dwarfs (no names yet) as they're growing bigger.

Anyway, in case you might think storage box are ugly and attractive and whatever reasons you can give, take a look at this.

Actually there is another name for this. It is call bin cages.
Bin cages are DIY-ed storage boxes/containers where you can stack it up and connect them using those hamster cage tubes/habitrial tubes/whatever you call them. Photo below!

So basically you don't have to waste so much floor space to keep many hamsters.
At first I got to know about this I thought I would be like putting on a creative thinking cap to brainstorm all the designs I can make with this storage box for my cute little ones with the help of my dad. BUT! I was too lazy to get all the materials and I ended up using the box just to put my hamsters and accessories in and TADAAAA~ that's it.

So much for being so lazy.

Here's a photo of my little cutie pie (:

One of my whitey started losing fur which I thought he might be bullied initially. After doing some research I realized that the fur loss is caused by drooling as he is not used to drinking from the bottle -_- Right now he is recovering. So happy that his fur is growing back if not it might look so ugly that his buddies might start to attack him (just kidding~ hahaha)

The photo looks kind of scary so please don't scroll down if you're a kid. Hahaha

FYI, his natural skin is red so his skin is considered healthy from this photo (from what others say)

I'll end off with a photo taken together with bf and friends (DFC cliques)! 
 Everyone is making different faces hahahaha so funny.

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