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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nine little dwarfs

Hello! (⌒▽⌒)

If you guys have been following me on twitter or my Facebook page, you would have noticed that I was trying to find adopters for 5 little hamsters! (=゚ω゚)

One fine day my sister sent me a text telling me that her friend gave her 5 hamsters. I was shocked and immediately contacted her about it, it seemed that she did not seek my permission on whether I would want to keep them or not and took from her friend and gave it to me.

Here's the cute little hamsters (^-^)

Apparently she asked for two only and the girl dumped her five hamsters in a pathetically small ice cream box and left it at my sister's workplace before she left. That girl is such an irresponsible person to breed them when she did not plan to keep it. She should at least look for people to adopt it instead of throwing it to someone else.

One thing I really dislike about some people is that they don't treat hamsters as pets like dogs and cats. I do like pets like dogs too but I can't keep them because my parents don't allow me to which is why I keep hamsters instead. I find it really insulting that some people would say bad things about hamsters like they are like dirty rats or they are annoying and stuff. This happens more on people who keep dogs but I'm not saying that all dog owners are all mean. I may sound protective for my hamsters but don't you guys protect your pets too? Be it dogs or cat or rabbits or any other pets that you keep.

Back to the topic, I agreed to keep them at my house temporarily and my sister said she would find people to adopt them. In the end I was the one looking for adopters, feeding them and stuff. What a nice person she is. (¬_¬)

Look, my house looks like some home shelter for hamsters haha. FYI there's a total of 9 hamsters lol.

When I came home to check the hamsters, they were all really frightened running around frantically. I tried picking one of them up and one of them screamed loudly that I was shocked because I always thought they would usually squeak only.

Luckily 3 of my friends are kind enough to adopt them after seeing them so cute. After I found my friends to adopt, many people wanted to adopt it which was too late.

The next day when I went to pass to my friends, the little ones looked so much more adorable after they had calmed down. I told my mum that all of them will be adopted and she was asking me to keep one because it is quite a pity to see them come over and let them go. It was too late and I couldn't as well since I already have 4! (´Д` ) The female ones are super adorable and cuddly among each other. Hope they can live as long as they can. Hehe (^-^)

OH and after 2 years I realized that Mafia is actually a Pearl Campbell Russian hamster which I always thought he was a Winter white. (; ̄ェ ̄)Oh well, doesn't matter anyway haha.

Do enjoy some of the pictures I took below before I end this post (^-^)/

These are the 3 new little dwarfs

Looking like a rabbit.

This is grumpy looking Mafia! He has recovered a little and is still being cute as always. Oh and he turned two on 17th December which was last Monday! (:


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