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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ksuite night! Part 1.


Had a friends gathering last weekend at Ksuite!
It was quite disappointing because many of them did not attend but it was still quite fun (:
We booked one of the bigger rooms as we could ask more people to come.

Here's what the room looks like!

There's a smoking room just behind the door (:

Isn't it nice? (:
There pool table, Nintendo Wii and a computer to surf the net ! ^^

Hehe as you know, I love singing a lot so I would always try to hog onto the microphone. Hahaha
The good thing is we have 4 microphones so we don't have to take turns singing hehe.

Oh wait, before singing, I went to try this magical pill!
Haha it's not really magical but it is a Chinese medicine that would help to open up your vocals.
It was my first time trying, and I know it would taste really bad since it is Chinese medicine.

Here's a gross photo of it. Wahahahahaha

It really taste as bad as how my expression is showing you but it really works!

It is like a chewy sweet that taste really bad, like a mixture of different feces which I wouldn't want to chew it because the taste would spread throughout my whole mouth *pukes*
After that I drank lots of water and settle down for 5-10 minutes and try singing. It was really amazing! Like magically opens up my vocals although I may sound exaggerating lol.

Haha, ok below will be a spam of photos so it might take some time to load!
I'm kind of lazy to edit so pardon my ugly face in some photos hahaha
Enjoy (:

Jiaming and Kenneth photo bomb!


Hehe, ending here now as there's really a lot of pictures!

We had lots of fun singing for the girls while the guys played games while drinking but some little incident happened which caused a lot of problems. It was eventually solved after awhile and we carry on singing and playing. Hahahaha.

Alright, I will post the second part of the pictures in the next post.
Stay tune!

See you (:

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