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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby hamsters!


Say Hi to nerdy braced girl! (:

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I've been on a 2 weeks blog hiatus. Haha.
It's been busy for me lately with my internship as well as events work.

Had little time to go out and have fun as I'm starting to save money for my Taiwan trip next year!
Hopefully I can have lots of money to spend there (:

This morning I just adopted 3 new male baby hamsters! YAY! ^.^
I went to collect it from my friend this morning after so long because his mama hamster gave birth twice, so there's too many for him to keep and he asked if I wanted.
Since Mafia is kind of old and it is kind of sad that his life is so short, I'm not sure if I should adopt new hamster, I went to ask my mum. She asked me to adopt it so tadaa~ I have 4 hamster now!
What should I name them?
Any suggestions? (:

I will show you guys the pictures that I took earlier on!
Two of them are white with a little grey and the other one is grey (:
If I'm not wrong they are from the same breed as Mafia, Winter White dwarf hamsters.
If not, they are Winter White Russian dwarf hamsters.

Photos are taken by my iPhone with no editing (:
Best photo captured of them. They are so active that it is so difficult to get a clear shot using my iPhone.

He sits like a ball! So cute!

Those two look like twins! I have no idea how I am going to differentiate the both of them. 

Awkward drinking position

Grey hamster got squashed by that fatty!!!

Two photos taken by my camera.

No idea what he is doing.

I just love to sleep like this~ hahahaha

Aren't they cute?!
They are really tiny as compared to Mafia.
I tried hold the baby white one and let Mafia take a look.
Mafia started sniffing the baby and it squeaked! I'm kind of shocked so I placed the baby back into his cage.
I tried one more time and put them on the floor Mafia keep sniffing the baby for about 30 seconds and the baby got uncomfortable with Mafia sniffing and squeaked (but not as loud as the first time)
It seems that Mafia doesn't bite, or maybe I'm not sure yet.
I might try to bond them together if possible put them together hoping Mafia doesn't mind. It'll be like super cute!!! A father with 3 sons. Hahahahahha.
For now they need to stay in the small cage before I get a bigger cage to transport them over, since they cannot live with Mafia as I'm not sure what might happen to them if Mafia is in a bad mood :X

I hope they will stay small because I already a big fat Mafia which is 3 times the size of the baby ones.
Small ones are really adorable! ^^

Yup, till here.



  1. Ohhh mashaallah~ I just love that last picture~
    Makes me want to think of keeping one of those.. instead of cats~ X3
    FTW > awkward drinking position~ XD
    ohh wow~ How do you manage them? ;D

    1. I try to clean their house once a week but sometimes I'm lazy I might just drag a bit. It's easy to keep hamsters actually (: