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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello everyone!

There have been many ups and down this month even though it's only the start.
Had quite a few problems like arguments and stuff with people.

Anyway, I think I have been really lazy in blogging because I used to think that pictures can make up all my blog post so I'll just post photo captions with a few sentence and tadaa~ the post is done!
Right now, I think I might be going to try to write more because it can be quite boring to see my face all the time which I could just post it all on instagram instead.
Wahahaha anyway another reason is because I wasn't really that vain to keep taking pictures recently, therefore there is a lack of pictures in my blog. I might also start to post more comments especially for things I might not like or comments made by other which might be good or bad, etc. so as to spice things up in my blog. Else it would be boring since my life is mostly all about work now. ):

Many people are curious if I photoshop my pictures because sometimes my nose may look sharp or my face look so V and small, etc. Actually it is all about the angles you are shooting from. This is really important because it is how you shoot to make yourself look better by using angles that compliments your looks.
Different people have different angles that suits them due to different factors such as face shape and features, therefore you got to figure out yourself which is better for you. So for mine, my face look sharper on the left so I like to take photos more on my left side of the face. For ladies, you can also use your hair to cover up parts which you might not like such as your side cheek bones if they are very protruding, etc. (:

Back to the topic about Camera360.
In case you guy don't know what it is, it is an iPhone app which allows you to edit your pictures using many different effects. It sounds normal like what the other photo editing apps does but I think this is one of the better one because it comes with a lot of different editing effects.

What's good about this app is that you can take pictures directly using the app with the effect you choose or you could choose to import it from your Camera roll. Bad thing is that you need to export the pictures out if you want to post it on Facebook, instagram, etc.

Before I post pictures of myself, I gonna show you how does it work!
So first you either take a picture, or you import from your camera roll and it will proceed to this page below

I gonna use Mafia as an example. Hahahahaha isn't he cute? So FAT :X

So you click effects and this is the list of it you can choose.

For me I choose the light color!

I choose sweet because I want it to look cute and sweet like people would give the puppy eyes after looking at the photo. LOL Hahahaha
Anyway I don't want it to be too pinkish so I choose around 12% but sometimes I might add more, sometimes less depends on what you like.

After that you just click "Save" and then click "Send" > "Export to Camera Roll and choose the definition you want.
Do not choose original because it is the photo you took before you edit the pictures.

So here's a comparison
Better right? (:

Oh and this effect is only suitable to be taken during the day with natural sunlight because I think it look sucky during the dark.

So here's some pictures I took!
FYI: Pictures are taken directly using Camera360, only edited with Light Color effect.
No Photoshop or any other tools used.

Braces me (:

Mr. Ming always like to disturb me when I'm taking pictures so I had no choice but to do stupid faces.

Look at my double chin! LOL

Another double chin! Omg!!!

In case you girls are interested in what types of lenses I'm wearing.
I'm wearing Super Barbie lenses, I have quite a few different series for the lenses but mostly I wear is brown!

Bye! ^^

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