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Thursday, November 15, 2012

AFA 12


*really love my eyes here, the makeup and all (:

This year's Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is much bigger in size as compared to the previous years.
I've never really walked around the event hall since I had been working for the event.
So this year, me and my friends had planned to meet up to take a look for the first time ! ^^
Another reason is because it's been quite awhile since we met up with each other as we are all busy with our own lives, different schedules, etc.

I did not bring my camera to the event so not much pictures taken.

Anyway, first we went to take a look at this year's Maid and Butler Cafe. 
Most of them are from the newer batch except for Jeff (haha the most senior). 
We then chit chatted for awhile to wait for the princess Andrea to reach and began walking around the hall.

While walking, we saw many cute stuff, like seriously A LOT! 
And we decided to stop by one shop selling kitty, bunny and bears hat. I don't know how to describe it but look at the picture below to get a better idea (:

Yutaki and Hellven bought it. I think it's really cheap because it's selling at $30 for the long bunny hat (left) and free short bunny hat (right).
Hahahaha so I kind of borrowed Yutaki's bunny hat to camwhore because I'm really a sucker when it comes to furry stuff. Just like how I really like my Mafia.

In case you guys missed him, here's a picture of my glutton Mafia hamster.
He's currently almost 23 months old, almost 2 years old!!
Still fat, lazy, eating and sleeping all the way like a pig, but he's super adorable that I can't stop looking at him Hahahahahahaha.

Okay so back to topic.
Being a vain person like me, and Andrea, we started camwhoring pictures with the cute hat.
Ever since I started putting braces, I've been lazy to take nice pictures so pardon my unglam or stupid or fugly face. Pardon my ugly crooked braced teeth too. LOL

Pictures below. (:

Actually the hall was really big and we did not walk around much because the main point is to take a look at how the cafe was doing and to visit some friends.
While being there, many people took photos with Yutaki. He's really popular with the girls I guessed, since quite a few of them actually asked him if they could take a photo with him. Haha.

Around evening time, we head over to town to have our dinner and basically just slacked and walked around the area and stayed up late at a cafe chatting about random stuff like army (all the boys are in army now except Alex) which I have no idea what are they really talking about. Haha

I then left around night time to catch the last train while some of them went to club.
Before I end this post, here's some photos posted by my friends! Credits below.

Credits to Nich!

Credits to Hellven!

Bye~! ^^

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