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Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Glomax Aesthetics


I was invited by Glomax Aesthetics to try out one of their facial treatments.
I was very excited to try it out because I have oily skin so I tend to breakout (sometimes a lot).
Therefore I go for facial treatments regularly to clear my skin (:

Glomax Aesthetics was located at Soho 2, a few minutes walk away from Clarke Quay MRT Station which is quite a convenient location.

When I first reach the place, the place was relatively small.

First, I was consulted by a beautician, Sun.
She was very friendly and patiently listening to what I wanted to say and also gave me suggestions on what I could do to help my skin. She kept emphasizing the importance of using sunscreen which I did not do it because it was quite oily for my skin. Sun also taught me what kind of products I should use for my skin and for whichever skin I am, sunscreen is a MUST because the UV rays from the sun can damage our skin which we could not see it right now.

For my skin, I had a few breakout on my forehead and it's very huge.
I got it about two days ago. Lol (Photo below)

Ha-ha I'm finally revealing my naked face.

As you can see, I have a few breakouts and also minor scaring (which look like freckles) on my forehead and cheeks due to acne.
Therefore I usually cover it up with cosmetics because I feel more confident when I cover up my flaws.
I'm not born with good skin, so I would go for facials regularly (:

After the consultation, I then proceed to get changed and ready for my facial.

Here's the room I'll be doing my facial treatment ^^

It looks really comfy. Hehe

Firstly, I did diamond microdermabrasion to remove my dead skin cells.
It also helps to suck out all the dirts and dead skin cells on my face.

This is very gentle on my skin and my skin does feel brighter when she showed me half of my face being done while the other is not. It also helps to remove dead skin from areas where normal facial scrub might not be able to remove like my eye areas (yes, it is really gentle to be used on the eyes), sides of my nose and area around my mouth.

After that, she then proceed to Sonic cleansing, where a "scrapper" is used to scrap off the excess oil and impurities left on the skin.

Please ignore my camera strap as I couldn't see -_-lll

Next, we proceed to extraction. I think this does not need much explanation.
I would say that it was not done that badly but can be improved especially because some parts of the extraction was not done properly, so I had a few scars from blood clogging inside the skin mostly for the huge pimples.

After extraction, she used this (below) to zap my skin to prevent inflammation.

Normally, those transparent glass ones were used. I really felt the pain when this was used to zap my face.

She then applied a gel on my face and this thing below (sorry I couldn't remember the name) to let the gel fully absorbed to my skin.

Lastly, I had black charcoal mask with green tea extract and lime.
It contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants which helps to calm my skin, treat my skin from all the UV radiation, etc.
Good thing is that it smells great. It has a really strong lime smell which I like. Hehe

Look at the mask. It looks funny. Haha

Overall I would say that I would recommend that you go and try out their treatments.
However, I am not really sure about the extraction part because for me, I think it is most important for the beautician to do it correctly as it might affect the skin which nobody would wants it.
So I wouldn't really recommend that.

I would like to thank Hazel for inviting me (on behalf of Glomax Aesthetic) to try out their facial treatments. ^^
For more information about their facial treatments, do check out this link below:


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