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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Malaysia Cup

Good Morning all!
It's 9.22am now and I'm currently in the office.
To make myself awake, I decided to blog so that I will not fall asleep.

I'm now waiting for my supervisor to give me task to do.
Actually he did but was not finalized so I can't do it so I have really nothing to do at the moment.

Anyway, did anyone went to watch Malaysia Cup yesterday?
It was more crowded as compared to the previous matches and the security was quite tight.
FYI, the match was between LionXII and Pahang FA and the results was 2-0!
Which means, Singapore won!

I think the news would hit the sports news headline today and more matches will be coming up! ^.^
I was not a fan of soccer but I find it quite fun to watch them kick especially when the ball almost go hit into the goalpost. I shall not comment on any teams about how good/bad they played but I think the goal keeper did quite a good job in catching the ball. Hahaha.

I left halfway through the match as it was pretty late and I had work tomorrow.
(I'm actually involved in the event and not going there to watch soccer haha)

After the first half of the match, I went to the nearby coffee shop to buy the delicious wanton mee for dinner + supper and went home. :P

So that's about it.


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