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Wednesday, September 19, 2012



I've just started my internship yesterday and it was really tiring to travel to my workplace.
I live in the West and my work place is in the East.
It's like the extreme opposite!
My gosh!

Oh and I want to show you all Brownie!
This adorable little puppy (it's not mine by the way. Hehe)

No eyes!

So cute. Hahaha

Fur rug. Hahahaha
FYI he's sleeping. Lol

He bit me!

Isn't he cute?!?!
He's only 4 months old and very mischievous.
He's like teddy bear! Hahahaha.
Bf's grandma once asked him, "is this fake or real?" because it's looks like a teddy!
That time when his grandma asked the question, it was at night and we're at outdoor so it really looks like a soft toy when he don't move.

I hope he learns all the tricks fast so I can play with him! :P


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