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Friday, September 21, 2012



It's been a week since my internship started.
So far I haven't been really doing anything because my supervisor said that now since everything is ending soon so there isn't really much to do.
I hope new events are starting soon so I'll be able to do something!
Even paper work is fine because it is really bored to sit in the office the whole day doing nothing.

Oh and when I came to the office, I saw a board of events for 2009 and saw AFA09 on it.
I always thought Pico was the stand builder for AFA because it's been them since AFA X. 

Yup, so this is to sum up what's happening this week.
It's kind of boring and I think most people would skip it because there's no pictures in it.


Bye! ^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



I've just started my internship yesterday and it was really tiring to travel to my workplace.
I live in the West and my work place is in the East.
It's like the extreme opposite!
My gosh!

Oh and I want to show you all Brownie!
This adorable little puppy (it's not mine by the way. Hehe)

No eyes!

So cute. Hahaha

Fur rug. Hahahaha
FYI he's sleeping. Lol

He bit me!

Isn't he cute?!?!
He's only 4 months old and very mischievous.
He's like teddy bear! Hahahaha.
Bf's grandma once asked him, "is this fake or real?" because it's looks like a teddy!
That time when his grandma asked the question, it was at night and we're at outdoor so it really looks like a soft toy when he don't move.

I hope he learns all the tricks fast so I can play with him! :P


Friday, September 7, 2012



Met up with CE and Andrea after such a long time...
I think about more than 6 months since we've all met up together.
The last time was when we went ice-skating if I remember correctly. Oh gosh, that's so damn long ago.

It was a short meet up because Andrea and I will be going for internship and Andrea will be in KL for internship.

So we had dinner at Marche and we talked quite a lot. Haha
From school to work to gossips, etc..

So here's two photos we took!

After dinner, we went over to Cold Rock for some Ice-cream! ^^
And we took some more photos over there because the place is much brighter.

Hahahah shit face.

Oh and I brought my Polaroid camera and we took some Polaroids too ^^
Here's two best photos taken.
The rest aren't so nice, so cannot show hahahahahaha :P

Time for group photos!
My faces are super EPIC.


After desserts we just hang around the mall for awhile before I left.