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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strictly Pancakes


I've been wanting to eat at Strictly Pancakes for a long time after hearing my friend talking about it so I went there with my bf to try it out! ^^

After eating there for the first time, I've been craving for it and went there a few more times in a few weeks.
I'm such a sucker for cravings. :P
But all I ordered was the same and I couldn't finish it all the time.

So here's a photo taken while on the way there!

My right arm look distorted/extremely weird because the seat belt is covering part of my arm. 

When we reached there, there were a lot of people! ):
The waiter told us that they will be closing the restaurant from 4pm-6pm (weekends) and we almost couldn't get a table.
It would be so disappointing if we could eat there because it's really very far to go over there just to eat their pancakes.
But lucky we got a table hehehe. ^.^

So we ordered and while waiting for the pancakes to be served, we took a few photos.
Act cute. LOL

Hahaha I've got shit face.

After quite some time our pancakes finally arrived! Yay ^.^

I've ordered Banana Scotched Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Bf ordered Strawberry (can't remember the name) Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream!

I tasted mine and it had rum in it.
It taste really nice and I keep eating that only every time I eat at Strictly Pancakes.
The Strawberry one is not bad too!

It comes with 3 pancakes and it was too much for us to finish.
I think 2 plates of pancake can be shared with 3 person because I ate 2 pancakes and I'm already very full. Haha.

Till here.

Bye! ^^

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