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Friday, August 31, 2012



Just some update of what's going on with my life recently.
Hehe ^.^

Last week was my last week of school and also study break.
This year is my last year in school and I will be graduating next year! Oh yay!
(I'm a third year student by the way)

I took one of my module's exam today and I'm left with one more paper next Monday before I "unofficially" graduate from my school.
Will be starting my internship from 17th September T-T

Oh gosh, I'll be travelling so far from my house and the working hours are so long!
What's not so good about internship is that we are being paid so little and sometimes we were not taught much during work so we don't really get much experience.

My internship company, the guy in-charge told me that I'll be expecting a lot of work and they will treat me like a normal employee instead of giving my all the paper work or photocopying of papers or make coffee for them, etc.
Bad thing is I'll be filled with a lot of work and stress ):

Another thing I wanted to say is I finally got my braces! ^.^
So happy I've finally went to get braces after so long and it was very horrible I would say.
I've been eating oatmeal and very soft food and I could hardly chew (In fact, I couldn't chew at all)
And I'm looking so ugly now because my teeth aren't straight ):
I might post pictures of it if I feel like it. Hehehe 

I was browsing through my hard disk and I found a few old photos which I find myself really skinny as compared to now.
I'm quite fat now because I've been eating a lot although I might not look fat in pictures (plus I do photoshop my pictures).

So here's a few photos to share with you guys.
Oh and I look different now if you compare the pictures. Not sure if I'm suppose to be happy.
I think these pictures were taken a year ago.
I'm not sure what am I doing with my mouth.

Look at my double eyelid! I find it really nice here, and also my long false lashes ^.^


After looking at these pictures, I realized that I've been really lazy in putting makeup recently that I always put on foundation (or with eyeliner) and leave the house.
I can't even be bothered to put eye shadow, contact lens, mascara or false lashes. :X



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