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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gardens by the Bay!


Took a short one week break before my exams start again and went to Gardens by the Bay with my boy and friends!

My right eye was kind of swollen so I might looked a little sleepy or weird in the pictures.
I tried to Photoshop it so please bear with my lousy Photoshop skills if it looks weird :P

Took this while on the way there!
Pretty isn't it?

Photos are not in sequence!

There are different attractions at the Gardens by the Bay.
Two of the indoor attractions that I went were the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
There's an admission fee if you want to go for the indoor attractions.

Starting off with a group photo!

Flower Dome is filled with trees, flowers, trees, flowers and even more flowers!

I think this flower looks pretty!
But don't be fooled by it's appearance because it actually smelled like poo + pee + rubbish + rotten egg + etc.
It's really really really smelly! If you happen to go there, try smelling it. 
I'm not kidding!


This is pretty!

Next is Cloud Forest!
It is much smaller as compared to Flower Dome but it's quite pretty!

Very pretty looking waterfall!
Look like one of the scenes from Avatar. Hahaha

Those structure thingy popping out at the sides are pathway that you walk down from the top.
The side of the pathway are not opaque so ladies going there do not wear skirts or dresses!

View of MBS from on top.

View of the bottom from the walk way!
It's very high!

Hehe. That's all!


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