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Friday, June 29, 2012

MMK Malaysia!


MMK Malaysia was held in KL, early this month.
We're so glad that it was so successful and many people came down to support!
Really sorry for those who are unable to come in due to the horribly long queue outside. 

Day 0.
We were at the Press Conference to introduce our cafe to everyone!

Did not manage to take much pictures while in the cafe as we're all so busy!
But here's some photos we took after the event!

MMK Blackboard!
Designed by our artistic Mio, Ringo and Yunie!


Everyone's photo with Jim pehpeh!

Tall and Lenglui Mio!
She's very very very very tall!

Hermes, our manager.!

I think it was a great opportunity to be able to work in a different environment and new people!
Although it was very tiring, it was also very fun!

Thank you all for all your support~

Till then.


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