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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Advertorial: A must to visit AVORYLANE!

Hey girls!

I recently discovered a blogshop that is extremely unique! Named AVORYLANE, it is both a boutique AND a blog in one website. 

Here are 3 reasons why I think Avorylane is different from other blogshops:

1. Like most blogshops, Avorylane sells clothes for females. But Avorylane also "sells" places. With each boutique collection of clothes, there is a related blog entry describing one interesting place (or two) in Singapore. All the clothes worn on Avorylane's model will be photographed at these very places featured in the blog. This means you can shop at Avorylane's boutique and ALSO read about the coolest cafes, pubs or chill-out places in Singapore. 

2. What I like about Avorylane that makes it unique is that it uses themes for its boutique and blog updates.  For example, Avorylane's 1st (and current) theme is 'Museums You Didn't Know Existed'. The boutique collections under this theme feature dresses that are more vintage and chic to portray the classy 'museum feel', while the blog entries introduce quirky museums around Singapore you never knew existed. I’m looking forward to Avorylane’s next theme – “Places to Chill Out at After Work”, which will feature lovely pubs and cafes around Duxton/Yong Siak/Ann Siang Hill.  Each theme will showcase 3 collections (spread out over 3 weeks), so there’s always something fresh and interesting to look forward to!

3. I will always go back for more. Like most blogshops, there will be new clothes to shop for each time I visit. But for Avorylane, I won't just be looking at new clothes each time I visit, but new places to read about too. With lovely clothes and awesome content, there is so much more to look forward to every week.

So girls, hurry on down to this really lovely blogshop at
Do join Avorylane’s mailing list to enjoy free normal postage for ALL purchases!

Before I end the post, I would like to emphasize that Avorylane’s clothes are of good quality and very reasonably priced. There is nothing above $30!!!

Avorylane launches its collections every week on Wednesday at 8pm, so do bookmark and check back regularly for their lovely updates!

See you!

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