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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hong Kong Trip - Part 2


A very delayed post due to photobucket keep hanging my laptop.
Alright, enjoy the pictures!

Really cheap breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants.
The portion is really huge and the food is not bad!
It might not look nice but HEY, don't a judge a book by it's cover!

Side 1

Side 2! Two sides for one meal + a drink. That's a lot.
Most of us couldn't finish it. Haha

Dragon Centre. Visiting AKB48 Hong Kong Official Shop ^^

Came across a shop with a very cute shop (Village Vanguard) selling LOTS AND LOTS of CUTE stuff and we stayed for almost an hour inside!

Lol. A picture in the toilet :X

Hehehe. Going to catch May'n Concert in Hong Kong.

While waiting for the concert to start, we came across an event where lots of people brought their dogs to the place and they are REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!

Couldn't take much pictures as there isn't much time!

After that we proceed to the concert hall!

Hehehe awesome lighting!

People coming in!

Dinner! Can't remember the restaurant name though :P

Yummy~! And I couldn't finish it again. Hahaha

After dinner we went back to our hotel!



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