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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday!


Went Ice-skating at JCube on a Good Friday!
Asked Kelvin to help me get tickets before it's sold it!
The tickets were sold out really fast that not all of us are able to skate at the same time so some of us stayed for a few sessions although it is really expensive!
I think because it's a public holiday and public skating session starts at 5.15pm (for that day)
Many people might not know about it and had to buy the first session ticket at 5.15pm after they realized it. 

Look at the crowd! There's so many people throughout the whole day!

Here's some photos that we took. (Photos grabbed from my friends!)

I think this is the 7.30pm session!

5.15pm session!

Guys + a Girl

Katie and Maggie

FYI, here's the price for the skating rink

It was a really fun day because I get to see many people, new faces and old faces.
I've learnt new skills too! Thanks to some of them who taught me. (I'm so noob Hahaha)

One thing all of them said about me is that I look kind of bored/fierce looking.
I agree to a certain extent because I'm born with that kind of face HAHA. Not saying that I'm bored or fierce or what but when I don't smile people think I give them a kind of face like boring or fierce.

Just a short post.

Bye for now!

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