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Sunday, April 29, 2012 Advertorial


Looking for new phone accessories? You’ve got to take a look at!

IGAVSTORE is a new online store established in February 2012 selling premium brand phone accessories at an affordable price! Ranging from cases to sleeves to earphone and premium bags. They are 100% AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL from various brand suppliers so you do not have to worry about getting counterfeit products.

Some of the premium brand accessories that the store carry includes iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and Apple related devices such as iPad.

So why do you have to buy from
  1. Their products are generally 10% cheaper than retail outlets and you can shop at your own convenience.
  2. They offer fast delivery services FREE via AM Priority Mail (similar to registered mail) which you would receive your items the next working day before 11AM in your mailbox! For larger items such as iPad accessories, they mail out via TaQbin Delivery service.
  3. Oh and not to forget, most of their products listed come with additional items such as screen protectors/dustcaps and stuff. So you’re not paying for the product only!
 Since I’m using iPhone, here’s some of my favourite iPhone casing!
Elago S4 Slim Fit - Glossy coral blue 
Elago S4 Slim Fit Case Plus with HD Film - Glossy Coral Blue

Elago S4 Glide Case for iPhone 4S/4 - Hot Pink with additional bottom white clip 
Elago S4 Glide Case for iPhone 4S/4 - Hot Pink with additional bottom white clip

SPIGEN SGP Case Linear Blitz iPhone 4S/4 
SPIGEN SGP Case Linear Blitz iPhone 4S/4

All products purchased from are guaranteed authentic and original and they strongly believe in offering the customers the best in terms of products and also services.

In my opinion, I think they are quite polite and patient when answering to my enquiries which I find it a good thing because sometimes I feel that I would rather not buy from someone who is kind of rude even if I really want that item because I think it’s not worth to pay for a product with lousy services. Yup ^^

Here are some customer’s testimonials about
Products are of original and authentic quality! Will come back for future purchases!  Haikal 
Polite guy who deals very promptly. Got my case.. Love it lots. I even introduced my friends to pop by here to have a look! Better make use of this chance to grab a case if you haven't. Offers like this don't come by everyday!! – Terrence 
I bought most of my sgp cases from here. It had a very high efficiency in serving us the customer! All the cases bought are in good condition! quick grabbed your cases if you have not done so!!!! – Jia jia

Do join their mailing list and get a chance to participate in their promotion campaign every fortnight Friday! Selected lucky winners will get $5 discount voucher for purchases at IGAVSTORE!

Oh and do remember to join their Facebook page for updates on new products or promotion campaigns!

Visit now!
Visit now!

Thursday, April 19, 2012



Here's a collection of pictures I took for my hamster.

Watching drama.. Don't disturb me!

His body after stuffing 20+ mealworms in his cheek pouch!

I look like a super tiny fluffy and cute white rabbit. Don't you think so?


I think the size look a little like angry bird. Hahahaha

Kungfu fighting stance! Don't play play! I can fight with you!

Nom Nom Nom.. Honey star!

Superman! But I can't fly! hehehehe

Saggy pouch! Need to start exercising!



What you want?

Stop looking at me!

Nom nom nom, tissue paper looks nice!

Here's my siblings and cousins!

Ha-ha too fat cannot come out! =P

Why you sleep so cute! Copy cat! D:

That's it
See you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hong Kong Trip - Part 2


A very delayed post due to photobucket keep hanging my laptop.
Alright, enjoy the pictures!

Really cheap breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants.
The portion is really huge and the food is not bad!
It might not look nice but HEY, don't a judge a book by it's cover!

Side 1

Side 2! Two sides for one meal + a drink. That's a lot.
Most of us couldn't finish it. Haha

Dragon Centre. Visiting AKB48 Hong Kong Official Shop ^^

Came across a shop with a very cute shop (Village Vanguard) selling LOTS AND LOTS of CUTE stuff and we stayed for almost an hour inside!

Lol. A picture in the toilet :X

Hehehe. Going to catch May'n Concert in Hong Kong.

While waiting for the concert to start, we came across an event where lots of people brought their dogs to the place and they are REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!

Couldn't take much pictures as there isn't much time!

After that we proceed to the concert hall!

Hehehe awesome lighting!

People coming in!

Dinner! Can't remember the restaurant name though :P

Yummy~! And I couldn't finish it again. Hahaha

After dinner we went back to our hotel!



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Pictures


Here's more pictures taken from my friends!

On the phone! Lol

Small cake. Hahaha

Bye for now!