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Friday, March 23, 2012




When you read this blog post, I would probably be on the plane now. Hehe.
I'll be away to Taipei for a week with my family so I think it would be good to schedule some blog post while I was away to keep you guys entertained :P
So do check back to see if there's any new post while I'm away!
(Oh and if you're bored, you can click on the game on my side bar to try it out. It's fun!)

I think it would be good if I were to write some post with more words and lesser pictures so that my blog have more content. Ha-ha 
I know I'm getting kind of lazy to blog so there's lesser and lesser content nowadays.

Anyway, what I want to talk about is about anything about Japan/Japanese
I'm not sure if you guys know but I've took Japanese classes for about more than a year now.

I would say it is SUPER EXTREMELY hard.
In case you're planning to take on Japanese classes, do see what I have to say below.
Actually it wasn't that difficult as it seems at first.
I recently passed my JLPT N5 exam and I would say it is quite easy because I'm Chinese so I can read simple kanji.
Lessons in class are not that difficult as long as you listen in class, take down notes and do some revision (can be by doing homework, or just reading, up to your own method of revising)
I thought I was not that bad in my Japanese since I understand most of the things taught in class and did some revision.

BUT I was wrong.
The challenge is that, speaking to Japanese is extremely difficult.
I think it's because speaking to my Japanese teacher was easier as he/she could understand you better since he/she is the one who taught you (DUH) so I thought it isn't that difficult at all.
As I was working, I got to knew some Japanese and I was told that most of the Japanese could not speak English, they could only identify grammar and stuff (Correct me if I'm wrong).
So I tried to speak to them and I was like OMG, I had to think for super long before I could phrase the sentence.
When I rehearse it in my head and it was ok, I spoke and it became like !@#$%^&*() like mumbling away or I could only say out important words or using very simple sentence.
Hahahaha I'm not kidding.

Maybe it's because I'm still trying halfway through my lessons because I'm taking Intermediate classes now and I had to finish it to be able to speak like normal. (With revision of course!)

Okay whatever, I think I would try to type in Japanese (below)
Feel free to correct me for any mistake. Haha
(Don't laugh at me!) 
It's just very simple Japanese sentence LOL


Hahahahaha. Okay shall stop talking about my Japanese.

I found some useful apps that can help in Japanese.
People who follows my Twitter would know as I've mentioned it before.

Here's the Apps
It's an offline Japanese-English Dictionary. 
Quite useful when in Japan since Japan have very little free WIFI hotspots.
One bad thing about this is that the app takes quite an amount of space since it stores everything inside the phone.

Learn Japanese.
Learn Japanese Phrasebook 1.2 
This app have very very basic sentences for different categories such as Greetings, Transportation, Eating out and etc.
There's also an audio function that reads out the words for you.
This is not suitable for people who want to be able to speak Japanese because it provides simple conversation sentences that might help you in Japan.

I think the only useful thing is the SEARCH button.
Allows you to search for sentences, similar to a dictionary.
E.g. If you type "HOW", a list of sentence will come out, like..
How much? 
How are you? 

I wouldn't say this is a useful app but it does help a little to decipher the message.
Would recommend to only translate important words in the sentence.
More suitable for people who understand Japanese (But I think KOTOBA is more useful haha)

Anyone that knows any useful apps do let me know ^.^

See ya!

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