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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hong Kong Trip - Part 1


Clear blue sky~ So nice. Hahaha
It's been a while since I sat on a plane.

Went to Hong Kong last year (as mentioned in my previous post)
It's going to be a long post so do click "Read More" below to prevent the page from loading very slowly.

It's going to be a lot of pictures with little words.

It was a short trip, went there for 3 three days during my school time.
Had to skip school for it =\

Stayed in Nathan Hotel

After we reached Hong Kong and checked into the hotel, we went to a nearby restaurant to have something

"Bo lo yao" in Cantonese. I find that this is very nice!

Inside of "Bo lo yao"

Not sure what's this but this is nice too! It's yam inside.


On our way to Mong Kok

Many people!

Trying on shoes..


Looks like Bugis Street

Very cute Ice-cream van!

Clock Tower


While waiting for the Laser Show to start, I took a few pictures

Spot the pinks and oranges!

Green Trees
Looks like not many people wore green.

Waiting for Laser show to start!

Managed to get a clear shot of the laser show.

Super cute shop but did not drop by there.

Had dinner at Finds.

So hot. hahaa


Nice interior

That's all for Day 1.
To summarize things up, the whole days was only shopping and eating and watching the Hong Kong Laser Show.
I'm not sure where did I took for those places I went but it's all around Mong Kok (If I'm not wrong).

I realized that Hong Kong have a lot of very old dilapidated looking buildings.
I think if nobody were living in the buildings it would become a haunted city because it looks seriously scary where the ghosts would love to stay.
Ok just an opinion, no offence to anyone haha.

Another thing I found out is that a lot of shops hang their banners on the buildings which I find it quite dangerous if it were to drop down. (I think this seldom happen)
It's kind of striking at night because it is quite bright and it hurts my eyes looking at them at night.

Did not manage to take pictures of myself because I was looking so shag and shit face with simple makeup.

Till here.


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