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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



(FYI: I'm still in Taipei, this is another scheduled post hehe)

It's been about 2-3 weeks since I got my hair permed.
I would say it is not that bad for a change and I find that perm hair is nice too.

One thing that I kind of dislike about perm hair is that I would need to blow it every time I want to go out if not it  would look kind of messy (for me).
Although heat protectant products do work, it is to a certain extent and the heat will still damage my hair (I think)

When I had straight hair, I don't really blow dry or do anything to it since I have naturally straight hair (not super straight those kind though).
Since I'm always dying my hair so I thought I would only blow dry if I'm in a hurry or what but most of the time I don't.
Actually I don't comb it too since it doesn't tangle. Hahahaha (*shhh it's a secret of mine)

As you know I'm a super lazy person, I find that getting my hair perm might be a good thing because it's prevents me from getting lazy because I would have to prepare early to get my hair done when I'm going out. Hehe

I used to want to have curled hair like those Japanese curls (below)

(Photo credits to
Something like this, I like loose but defined curls!

I find that it is quite a hassle so I didn't do it. Haha
Last year I bought a curler online which was raved by the YouTube gurus.

Please ignore my messy table* 
It's the Hot Tools Spring Professional Curling Iron.
I bought the 1 1/2 inch barrel one.

I started practicing how to curl my hair and I failed quite miserably Hahahaha :X
So I kept it somewhere till about a month ago and I took out to try it again.
You know what? I curled halfway and turn it off while I clip up my hair and turn it on again, it didn't heat up.
Yes, it's spoilt.

I was actually thinking of buying either Hot Tools brand or Babyliss but I didn't bought the Babyliss one because on eBay, people claim that they got a Conair curler in a Babyliss packaging.
Buying it in salons in Singapore is quite expensive too.

I wouldn't say that the curler is bad because it does curl pretty well and heats up quickly, it comes with replacement spring and warranty but I couldn't send it back.
Count myself as being unlucky! Haha

Recently I bought another new curler.
This time round it is Babyliss, I got it in a salon.
Kind of lazy to wait for it to ship over and might be a little risky so I bought it in a salon.

Tried using it and it's about the same as the Hot Tools one, just that this barrel is shorter and the spring is more tighter.
I bought a 1 1/4 inch barrel because the 1 1/2 inch one is a little too big.
Tried using it and it isn't that bad, heats up fast and comes with a heat setting too.

My hair is quite healthy now although I'm always blowing my hair when styling, I would say the DYNA Treatment really works.
My hair now is much more healthier and not that frizzy and dry anymore ^.^V

If you girls are interested in knowing what hair products I use, do let me know (:

That's it for now.



  1. Where did you get the hot tools curling iron?😊

  2. Hi, with regard to the Hot Tools product. Do u have to use an electrical transformer to convert US voltage to SG voltage? Thanks.