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Sunday, January 8, 2012



I've received comments from people about the Rainbow Cakes saying that we are selfish and self-centered people because our main objective is to raise as much funds as possible and now we've closed the pre-order even before the actual deadline.

Just to get things cleared up.
To whoever who posted this, please put yourself in our shoes.
We DO NOT have a lot of people and resources to bake the cakes.
We DO NOT have a lot of time to bake the cakes. We are students and we do have schools and exams. We also need to study for it.

You guys do not know how many orders we've gotten.
We've been receiving a lot of orders that we could not cope so we had to stop getting in pre-orders.
Just last night, the girls stayed almost midnight just to bake the cakes.
And we gonna meet up to bake the cakes more frequently after the exams.
We still need to bake it during CNY (3rd day onwards)
Not only for pre-order, we still need to bake it for the actual event.
And also arrange meet-ups with the customers.

This event is done by our class only.
Other classes are doing other stuff so we could not get people to help us.

So please stop with all your selfish thoughts.
If intend to buy but could not get it you can come down to our booth on 27th at Republic Polytechnic as that will be the final sales.
Although we're only selling by per slices.

I hope everyone could understand what we're going through.

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  1. keep it up.. ignore those ppl who r low in life..
    support support~!!