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Saturday, January 28, 2012



Lately I haven't really been blogging as I was quite busy with my school stuff.

Chinese New Year was boring for me.
Holidays were not enough.
But whatever.

Anyway, just to let you guys know that I might not blog very regularly but I do update my twitter and instagram quite frequently.
Therefore you guys could follow me there for more updates! ^-^

Link below, or you could search J_OMY

Here's some random photos that I've posted in my Instagram
Scissors, Rock, Paper ring!

Nails that I've painted for Chinese New Year!

My hamster watching drama. Hahahahaha

Dinner at Sleeping Rhino

Dog Balloon that I made during JIVE Fiesta event.


Oh, and thanks all for coming down to support my class for JIVE Fiesta event on 27th and thank you all for those who bought rainbow cakes from us!
We managed to raised quite an amount of funds! ^-^

That' it for now.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

JIVE Fiesta: Spectrum Delight

Hello all!

My school will be having a JIVE Fiesta Event at Republic Polytechnic.
Do drop by tomorrow if you're free.

Do support us by purchasing from us as the funds will be donated to the RP Student Needy Fund!
Details are stated in the photo.
We're located just outside Booklink, at the entrance of Republic Polytechnic!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old Photos


When I look back at my folders of pictures, I realized that there's a few photos that I did not post before.
I shall post a few here from time to time if I found :P
Anyway this 3 photos were taken about a year ago?
I think it's around Chinese new year last year. Lol :X

This was when I was still using my previous camera and they have the "beauty shot" mode.
You can see my nose and mouth are like going to blend into my skin. Hahahahahahaha

Now I realized that it isn't that nice actually, it makes the photo kinda blur.
Probably because my skin was pretty bad last year which is why I kept using that mode.


Till then..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



It's the second week of the year and I've been busy with stuff such as,

1. School event, JIVE Fiesta
Busy raising funds, I think I'm a needy student too (Of time -_-)
Had to bake many cakes! 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.......
Need more time!

2. Exams coming up!
Did half of my exams before the holidays and now we're continuing the second half.
Seriously, I have zero motivation to study for it.
It' only the start of the school and year!  ( ;´Д`)

3. School.
Half of my time wasted in school studying and the main reason why I'm busy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012



I've received comments from people about the Rainbow Cakes saying that we are selfish and self-centered people because our main objective is to raise as much funds as possible and now we've closed the pre-order even before the actual deadline.

Just to get things cleared up.
To whoever who posted this, please put yourself in our shoes.
We DO NOT have a lot of people and resources to bake the cakes.
We DO NOT have a lot of time to bake the cakes. We are students and we do have schools and exams. We also need to study for it.

You guys do not know how many orders we've gotten.
We've been receiving a lot of orders that we could not cope so we had to stop getting in pre-orders.
Just last night, the girls stayed almost midnight just to bake the cakes.
And we gonna meet up to bake the cakes more frequently after the exams.
We still need to bake it during CNY (3rd day onwards)
Not only for pre-order, we still need to bake it for the actual event.
And also arrange meet-ups with the customers.

This event is done by our class only.
Other classes are doing other stuff so we could not get people to help us.

So please stop with all your selfish thoughts.
If intend to buy but could not get it you can come down to our booth on 27th at Republic Polytechnic as that will be the final sales.
Although we're only selling by per slices.

I hope everyone could understand what we're going through.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rainbow Cakes for sale! (Pre-order closed)


Thanks everyone for ordering the cakes.
Due to too much orders coming we had to stop pre-order as we do not have enough time and people to bake the cakes!

If you've missed the pre-order for the cakes, do visit Republic Polytechnic on 27th!
We're having a JIVE Fiesta on that day selling slices of Rainbow cake!

Please stop by Republic Polytechnic if you're free.

Oh not to forget, please LIKE our Facebook page below!
We'll be updating more about the event.

Thanks for your support once again!

New Year Resolution for 2012


It's 2012 and here's my New Year Resolutions for the year.

Hope that I can fulfill all of them *Crossed Fingers*

1. Drink lots of water everyday (About 8 cups of water)
2. To study hard for every exams (Aim for a 'B' for every modules)
3. Cut down of tidbits and snacks and maintain my weight.
4. Stop being lazy
5. Exercise more
6. Save money!

That's it for now, can't remember the rest 


Monday, January 2, 2012



There's a FAKE account of mine on Facebook.

She grabbed all my photos on this blog and posted it on that account.
That account like quite active LOL

Omg so lame.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Celebration

Hello boys and girls!

Happy New Year!
It's 2012 and I can already feel that I'm getting older =\

How's your New Year's celebration?

This post is a little late but here's some photos that I took for Christmas Celebration!
I'm lazy to edit the photos so here's the unedited ones :X

Christmas Celebration was held at Party World at Liang Court.

Group photo!

With Lyana!

Jeff, Andrea, Kife, me and Chenern

Kiyomi and Jim

Nich, Preston, Alex and Darren


With Andrea and Cheryl

With Preston

We had Gift Exchange too!
Everyone bought gifts and whoever's names we pick, we would get their gifts.
I've gotten a gift from Darren :D

Lyana got my gift :D
Ok I look kinda ugly here but that's the only photo Haha

Here's some photos taken with my iPhone.
All the vain photos. Hahahaha
With Kife

I had Christmas Celebration together with MMK girls, AR Boys, SOZO staff and friends!
The celebration was a little early though.
It was held on the 23rd as that is the date that most of us are available.

At first everyone was too shy to sing so it was kind of awkward but after that it was alright.
All thanks to the alcohol that made everyone so high. Hahaha

We played games like the "Lobster and Shit", Five-ten and some dice games and made the loser drink.
Jeff was so bad at the Lobster game that he lose to me almost all the time. Haha
It was quite a crazy night because we had some people shouting, some singing and some living in their own worlds LOL.
And thanks to the guys that we're able to finish 4 bottles of alcohol X.X
Such crazy drinkers. Haha.

It was a pity that some of them couldn't make it though. Haha


That's all for now.