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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Photo


The best time to take photo is in the morning and afternoon where there is natural sunlight!
If you notice, the eyes look nicer because the light cast a reflection on the eyes.
It looks good without contact lens too. (:

Taking photos under natural sunlight makes the color more colorful and vibrant.
One bad thing is that natural sunlight make all your flaws visible so you need to have very good skin if not you see all those pimples/scars/etc showing.
(So for my case, I photoshop it away~ Bye bye scars! (^_^)/~~

Hahahahaha if you notice (it's quite obvious though), my hair has (or is it have?) two different color tones.
The pink tone looks quite nice actually.
I didn't dye it purposely so I can't tell you what color is it because it's the color that fade till the one you see in the picture.

*** I'm talking about compact cameras

Added smokey eye in this photo using burn tool (photoshop)!

When you take photos at night the photos aren't as nice as in the morning.
Don't you think so? Haha
The colors are a little dull and not a colorful.


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Till then..

1 comment:

  1. it also depends on how much light (or how much noise) and the settings applied for the camera so that the pictures to appear vibrant also :D

    and I see brown and red in your hair (i think?) haha

    nyways have a nice day