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Thursday, November 17, 2011

AFA 11


AFA 11 had recently ended.
Did you guys went for it?
I saw so many cosplayers and I saw one super cute Beelzebub character walk around!

Too bad I was working in the cafe so I couldn't go out to take a look.

Anyway, here's some photos I took (Or taken from friends)!
There's not much though as I forgot to bring my camera =\

AFA Posters in RP!
Hahahah I see myself inside :X

Chalk board drawings done by MMK Girls and Jim pehpeh!

This is my character!

Jim peh peh

Photo with Charis

Photo with Kaname and Usagi.
Usagi is super cute!

Photo with Lisa!
This was taken during AFA Press Conference.

Lisa is super cute!
Went to watch I love Anisong concert on Saturday after work.
Lisa's is very nice!

I like this song the most!
Ichiban no Takaramono


It's very very tiring working in MMK Cafe as we had to stand for 10 hours and had break time as little as 5-10minutes due to the large amount of customers coming in and not enough meidos!

But overall it was very fun as we get to enjoy while working.
I would like to thank everyone who came to the cafe to support and thanks for the people who gave gifts.
Oh and also to KYSS for the cake for MMK 3rd year + Jim's belated birthday!
Weeeeeeee~ \(^o\) (/o^)/
Thank you all once again and hope to see you all at the next event!

That's it for now.



  1. HEY! can i join ur cafe?..but i'm only 17 :x

  2. Minimum age is 17. (: You need to go through an audition but right now we don't need people yet so you may want to check here for updates about audition and stuff (:

  3. hey! thanks for the info!! =)))