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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pet Peeves


I thought I might do a post on it since there isn't really much content here.
In this post, as mentioned in the title, I'll list out a few of my pet peeves (that I could think of).
You may agree or disagree but it is different for each individuals.

What I'm going to mention is not those that people like to joke about.
(If it's a joke, it's different)

Just in case you're wondering what is a pet peeve.
It is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her (in this case it's me) to a greater degree than others may find it.

A simple example would be:
Some people can't stand people who don't wash their hands before they eat.

1. People who lack self confidence
Dislike people who always feel negative about everything. I think it's quite contagious.
I am not someone who is always positive although I may not look like it, but I really can't stand all the negativity because it will make my day feel horrible.

2. People who doesn't reply texts or take extremely long to reply.
(Extremely long is about a few hours, or like more than 30minutes per reply)
It's like when you're looking for someone urgently and he/she doesn't reply ASAP.
Omg, I would feel like plucking all my hairs out. LOL

3. People with Body Odor.
I don't think anyone could stand them.
*Would really appreciate people who wears at least deodorant or perfume/cologne!
Me likey people who wears perfume/cologne ^.^V

4. People who crossed the line
*You get what I mean means you get it, if you don't then too bad. Haha.

5. People who are emotionally unstable.
Can't really stand people who go emo~ all the time.

6. People who only acknowledge others of the same caliber.
Similar to arrogant? Hmm..

7. People with no personal hygiene.
Totally can't stand people who can dig nose in public or sneeze in another person's face.

8. Cockroaches and Lizards

9. Websites that suddenly pops out scary stuff.
(E.g. Scary maze game and other stuffs!)
It seriously freaked me out even if the image is not really that scary.

10. People who sleep beside me in train.
It's so irritating when their heads is always like going to drop on my shoulders

11. Taxi drivers who seriously can't listen.
Like when I ask him to turn right and he freaking turned left?! How is it possible?
Or turning round and round just to get the meter to jump higher and higher.

12. People who go offline when you talk to them.
Omg this seriously pisses me off.
Like when you talk to them halfway and they go offline and never come back -_-

Yup, okay these are just that I can remember. LOL
I think I have a list that is never ending.

So do you have any pet peeves?
I'm sure everyone has at least one.




  1. I can't stand people who want something yet does not want to work for it. Come on show some effort at least!!! >.< . Haha.