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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canon Style IXUS Magazine

Hey guys!

Recently Canon has revamped their website and now it's finally done.
It's much better than the previous one as it's now made into an online Magazine!

A screenshot of their new Online Magazine.

They've also just launched their first issue.

Click the link below to check out their online Style Magazine!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MMK Girls


Had a short gathering awhile back with the MMK girls!
We had lunch at AKB48 Cafe.
Wanted to look for Jim peh peh there but he was not in-charge of the cafe anymore.
Haha wasted trip.

We took quite a few pictures that day. Haha
Photos are not in sequence~~

It was a pretty short gathering but it was quite fun ^.^
We talked about lots of stuff from fashion to people to blogs and stuff. Haha

After lunch, everyone went separate way as we all have something on.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

AFA 11 - MMK & AR


AFA11 is nearing!
Are you guys going for AFA 11?

Last year was a very wonderful year and we had lots of fun working with the previous meidos.

This year, MMK Maid Cafe is back to the meido theme!
We have many new meidos this year!

Let's welcome them! ^^ (Here's some of them!)






And not to forget the seniors..


She was from the first batch in MMK. ^^

And here's mine!

This year's meido costume is so cute haha.

Take a look at our illustrations

Cute right!!!!

Sea☆A will be there too as special guest appearance!

In case you're wondering who they are.
They're previously from MMK Maid Cafe and now they've become idols now!
How lucky~
They've debut in Japan early this year with their debut song "Dream Shooter" being one of the ending song for the anime Cardfight Vanguard!

Check out their new PV here!

And also, Atelier Royale Cafe is back with the Wonderland theme!
There's many new butlers this year too!

Let's introduce them (:






And here's the senior butlers

The head butler for this year!

Do join both of our Facebook page here!

See you there!

Friday, October 21, 2011

K.Lenses - Advertorial


Can't buy contact lens online anymore?
I have good news for you girls (and maybe guys) out there!

Recently due to the restrictions in bringing in contact lenses from other countries, many of the girls are unable to get contact lenses online anymore.

Some of you have asked me where I bought mine previously but the shop had closed down!
Now you can get contact lenses online!

In the picture, I'm wearing Sweet Brown!
Diameter 14.5mm !

Simply join their Facebook group and you can buy the lenses through the agents!
There's many designs to choose from!
Take a look at their gallery:

If you're interested in purchasing the lenses,
Email to:


Saturday, October 15, 2011

My hamster is call Mafia!




Haha. Trying to type something that I've learnt in Japanese class.

Just in case you can't read it.
I'm saying

"My name is Mafia."
Isn't it cute? Haha

My hamster is freaking fat and lazy and sleeps all the time.
But I think he's damn cute HAHA.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice Skating!


Went Ice-skating with friends!
This was quite awhile ago though. Haha

Unglam photo HAHA

All of them are trying to act like they fell. Fail Lol

Choo choo Train. HAHA

Group shot!

It was a pretty short gathering but it was fun!
Andrea and I thought that all of them doesn't know how to skate but Jeff knows how to skate better than us!

It's been quite a while since I went skating.
I think the last time I went was probably during New Year.