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Friday, September 9, 2011

What did I do?


Just to summarize up a little about my life. Hehe

Taken in a Lamborghini!
Went for the Ultimate Drive with Jeff. We got to sit/drive in Ferrari and Lamborghini!
I'll be doing a review on the Canon website and I'll update you guys about my experience!
Stay tune! ^^

Dragon Nest with Andrea and Darren!

Photo with Andrea while waiting for dance class to start!

Recently I was really busy going out with friends, attending classes and work!
Went to Ice-skating with friends (Too bad I can't upload the photos for now)
Went KBox! Really crazy night!
Dyed my hair
Went for work
Went to Universal Studio! Got a lot of bruises D: (Will post photos soon!)
Watched AKB48 & SKE48 Concert, ate at AKB48 Cafe!
Played Dragon Nest and Gunbound! (Yes, I can play DN now! Finally!)

I've been spending a lot of money since the start of school holidays! ):

Gonna celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with my cliques tonight in advance :D

That's about it for now~


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