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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Maxi dresses~


To all haters, see my real nose. HAHA

Lunch and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe! The effect looks like we're eating them during the olden days.

Change parting! Not bad huh haha

Group shot with Peiting, Jolynn, me and Joey!

Individual shot :D

They keep spamming photos using my camera. Lol

Not very nice with the effect here.

It's been awhile since I met up with the girls so we all decided to wear Maxi dresses on that day.
Ok I'm a bit swaku, it's my first time wearing it because I don't really like long dresses.
It's so hard to walk in and what if I wear to accidentally stepped on it.
Omg zao geng* LOL

We hang around town area and was planning to go sing karaoke but Joey couldn't make it since she'd shifted house.
So in the end we went to one nearby our house to sing for a few hours.

Nowadays I keep going to sing with my friends. Haha
It's so fun to sing especially when you have a lot of friends (mixed boys and girls)
It's so fun to sing duet songs.
Oh and also all my friends can really sing very well!
I think I'm one of the lousier one. Hehehehe

By the way the photos are taken awhile ago before I darkened my hair so you see it's pretty light.
Now it's darkened a little.

Recently I've been out all the time and spending money.
I feel so poor now and I'm jobless. ):
So sad.

Till here.



  1. Hello!

    May I know where do you get your big eye contact lens from? Many online blogshops have closed :(

  2. Hello (:
    I'm also looking for lenses, this one is previously I bought from but they've also closed down. ):

  3. You look MUCH prettier with middle parting!!