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Sunday, August 28, 2011

When work gets boring..

Took pictures in the store with Wendy!

Was trying to do a peace sign but another finger was out of the photo -_-


Jiao face. HAHA


With not straight teeth!

Epic face


Alright, just a little update.
Tomorrow will be my last paper for this semester and it'll be holidays!

Can't wait for tomorrow's paper to end!
It's freaking 8.30am in the morning and I will need to wake up at 6am!!!! ~.~

Recently I was staying at home watching anime or doing revision.
Pretty much no life. HAHA
What a sad life for a student. Like a nerd and 宅女

Oh, yesterday I went to watch AKB48 together with Hellven, Zihui and a few new butlers from Atelier Royale Butler Cafe
Hehe but I can't tell you who they are for now. Too bad~

They're all so shy and it's like so awkward because Hellven and I keep trying to talk to them.
But after awhile it got better.

Went to drink together with Lyana and talked a lot.
Haha so many funny stuff going on.

Oh oh oh and not to forget, we're still hiring for meidos for our Cafe!

That's all for now~!
Gotta go do my revision for tomorrow's paper!
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