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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Blog Template!


I've done up my new blog template! Like finally!
Took me about 2 days to do it -_-

Hehehe but I'm quite satisfied with it.

I've included two new Tabs (on top)
One is Contact which you can contact me for advertorial, events and stuff.
Another one is the FAQ where I've included a list of questions people usually ask on my Formspring (:

Do check out the FAQ Tab to see if I've answer your questions before you post them on my Formspring!

That's it for now..



  1. hmm nice.. simple and bright and in the same time girly :D

    and yea since you are also in my Blogroll why don't ya visit my blog :D

    thanks and cheers

  2. Jasmineeeee ! relink wo ! thank you ^^