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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Did you guys catch the fireworks yesterday?
Singapore has gotten one year older!

Alright, yesterday I went to Jarene's house together with Davina to make cupcakes and cake pop for the class since it's going to be the end of the semester.

It's my first time baking cakes. Omg "Swaku" HAHA.
Ok whatever.
Here's some pictures I've gotten from Davina!

Baking in progress...

Chocolate cake needed to make cake pop! Waiting for it to cool down.

Did some decorations for the cupcakes!

Cake pop! It took us a lot of time to make these cake pop! >.<

After we're done with the baking, we had dinner together with Jarene's dad.
Had chili crab! (Y)(Y)(Y)
Then Davina and I took the train home. (:

So fun that day.

That's all for now!


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