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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random post


I've been sooooo inactive nowadays due to my exams, work and other stuff!

Alright, just an update about what happened recently.
Most of the time when I'm free, I was at home studying for my exams.
I recently joined a dance class with a couple of my friends, lazy to type who. Haha

So now my exams are over and will resume 2 weeks later -.-
Thanks to the stupid calender with so many public holidays that I have exams every month for this semester! D:

Okay, other than that, I was quite unhappy with my current class as there are some people which I was not very happy about.
I'm not sure if they will read my blog but I doubt they would.
And I'm sure they will get to know it through whoever it is.
I don't really care if they have a lot of friends that they can spread their dissatisfaction about me (I assumed) because if you are really very good, people would not care about what bad stuff that others say about you.

I find that they always joke around so much that sometimes it is quite offensive.
Why must they be so childish? If you joke for 1 time it's still okay, but they keep repeating it till I'm quite irritated by it.

What's worst is when you showed them that you feel irritated, they will treat it as a joke and get over with it.

Whatever, I just hope that this semester will pass quickly and I don't want to be in the same class as them for my whole RP life.


That's it for now!
Hope that my exam results are good :X


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