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Sunday, June 5, 2011



It's been a long time since I last posted. Haha
I've been working these few days and did not have anytime or anything to blog about so, sorry for the lack of posts.


Okay so today I was working and I saw quite a few cosplayers at SCAPE.
I think it's for Teenage Cosplay Event? Not sure though.

Anyway, I just wanted to say something about what I realized recently.

Actually quite a while back ago I've been receiving some formspring question which I don't think it's quite polite for people to ask.
I feel that I need to say theses.. It's not that I'm irritated but I find that the questions are quite redundant since you know I might not even reply them.

Questions like..

1. Can you really sing? >.<
Hello?! I can see from that expression that you think I can't sing although I say I can.
But since I don't even know who the hell post this comment, I don't need to prove it to whoever who post this. Haha.

2. Suck my dick and I'll give you 500 bucks.
Go find someone else okay? It's obvious that I wouldn't even reply to these kind of questions.

3. Are you a virgin?
You care so much for what?

4. Spam questions. (E.g. Random people says: Please feel free to ask me questions)
Can't you find someone else? You don't have friends till you must go find random people and ask them to ask you questions?

5. You just a Japanese wannabe. Get a life.
This is not even a question. -_- I think I'm quite nice to reply to this type of questions. Haha. There is nothing wrong with liking Japanese fashion and makeup and I think I have "more" life than you are to comment on people. Worst still, not even want to let people know who you are. I think you should get a life.

Please don't think that you can just do whatever you want thinking that I'm a good person okay.
Don't judge someone when you don't know who they are.

Another thing which I don't really like is that.. on my Facebook page (there's the banner below)

1. People keep tagging advertisements on my wall.
My wall is not for you to advertise okay? I'll be starting to delete everyone who tags me whatever advertisements.

2. People pasting comments on my wall asking me to vote for them in a contest.
I don't mind if you are my friend but people just keep pasting on my wall when one started to post. I won't mind if you Facebook chat me ask me to vote but PLEASE DON'T FREAKING PASTE ON MY WALL.

And don't ask me to ask other people to vote for you because I'm not so free to do that okay.

3. People asking me to add them.
Do you have "clicking-the-add-as-friend-button" phobia? Can't you just add me instead of asking me to add you. I won't add you unless you are my friend okay.

4. People talking to me as if I'm a close friend of his/her
There's people commenting like "Call me 91234567" or "Hey, wanna hang out?". Am I that close with you?

Okay, one of the most irritating one.
5. Adding me together with a whole bunch of people ask me to vote for you in a contest.
Wtf, this is freaking irritating because when a person reply, I'll receive the message. So if 10 person reply, I get spammed. ZZZZZZ

6. People get pissed off when I don't make friends with them.
LOL this is epic. There's one guy who actually said, "typical Chinese, so unfriendly and rude also, make friends also cannot. This is why I hate Chinese". You freaking racist okay. People can choose not to make friends with you then you KPKB.

Okay, I think I should stop here for now after so many negative comments.

Oh by the way, there are a few people who are quite polite and friendly when asking me questions or anything.
Me likey ^^ Hehehehe.

So please be polite when asking a question/anything (Because I don't owe you an answer)

That's all for now.



  1. at least all of them are clear now :D good luck on your work Rina chan..

    on a side note one question.. how did you put that bright eyed smiley logo beside the aGirl blogname instead of the usual B (or blogger) logo? can't figure it out.

  2. Haha.
    I did not put up a smiley logo? What I'm looking here is a B logo