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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hate 2


And once again I'm back with some other things that I would like to say.

Oh by the way, do you think that my previous post is interesting?
Because I realized that nowadays I post a lot of photos with very little words so I'm not sure if a wordy post is better or not.


So this post will be sort of a continuation of the previous post.

What I don't really like the people on Facebook sometimes is because..

When I accepted a friend request, some of them comment

1. "Thanks for the add..."
You add me you tell me thanks for the add? -_- Funny right? I'll delete you immediately foolstop

2. Mind intro?
Sorry I mind. Read my blog for intro..

3. Can I have your MSN?
I say NO on my profile, I think they're blind.

4. What's your number?
Triple nine.

Another thing..
I dislike people who keep sending me random game request.
If 1 time it's okay, but some they keep spamming me -_- Annoyingggggggg.

Another similar one is people keep spamming those questions applications that ask questions on people.
For example: "Do you think Jasmine is weird?" Click to find out the answer!
I think those people really have nothing to do..

Other than that..

I totally hate people who keep harassing me.
Especially when the person knows where I'm working, he/she will like come and talk to you like some creepy person with those weird eyes.
I just feel like punching him/her.

I also dislike people who keep irritating me, although I won't really show it because I keep laughing all the time but some times people go overboard which I feel like mentally strangle them. LOL

Okay haha

That's it for now~

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