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Sunday, May 1, 2011



Just to update about this week.

Nothing much happen during the weekdays, only having lessons everyday for the weekdays.
As for weekend, I went for a photoshoot on Saturday.

Here's 2 photos taken.

The hair was did by one of the hairstylist in a Japanese Salon.

The people there are all Japanese and there's kinda a different feel to it compared to a normal salon. Haha.
Like cool seh~ :X

Ok whatever,
After the photoshoot, I went home and got bored waiting for Jolynn.
So I went to photoshop one of my prom night photo.

Nice nice nice? Hahaha
Okay la, don't say the eyes a little too big because I don't really know how to "bloat" it. :X

I went to met up with Jolynn for Frooooooooolick after that!

Niceeeeeeee :D

That's all for that day.

As for today, I went out with my parents!
We went to the small small electronic fair to take a look because we've got no where to go.

When we reached there, we realized that it's combined with the food fair.
There's like smoke on one side, and I was thinking of going in or not because my clothes would stink -_-
But in the end I went in for awhile to the electronics side and there's really nothing much.

Then we walk around the area and went home~ (:

Tomorrow is a holiday!
Gonna finish up my Jap homework and do some other stuff like maybe watch anime or drama.

That's for now.



  1. nice hair :D very very cute :D

  2. no problem Rina chan :D and for what photo shoot are the 1st 2 pics were used?