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Monday, March 7, 2011

MMK Maid Cafe @ NEX Serangoon


Have you heard about the upcoming MMK event that will be held at NEX Serangoon?

The next event will be a little different from others.
For this event, we will be collaborating with The Green Pumpkin Cafe and Shokotsu 10 ^^

Here's our Chibi characters.
Isn't it cute? Haha

For this special event, Shokutsu 10 will be launching a new cake named Doki Doki Pan! A brand new creation specially crafted by the master baker at Shokutsu 10 exclusively for MMK Cafe Mobile event at The Green Pumpkin Cafe. Doki Doki Pan will only be available for 3 days during the MMK Cafe event.

Other than that, we're also giving away 1 set of Chibi Mugs (6 mugs) will be given to 6 lucky winners (1 mug each)
For more information about the contest, do click on the link below:

Here's more information about the event (below)

Full Menu for the event
**Menu and Price are subjected to change

Oh oh, we have prepared a new dance and a new song to perform for the event.
Do come and take a look! ^^

See you at the event!


  1. Halo~ Dropping have a nice blog! ^^

  2. We are helped to remember an old Czech aphorism on carpentry - "measure twice, cut once". more information