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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Hi, my name is Kopi.

Kopi: She wants to kiss me. *blush* HAHAHAHA

Kopi: I can do Hi-5!

Kopi: See! I told you I can do it.

LOL. Ok these pictures are taken in Joey's house when I went to her house to discuss some things.
Her dog is so cute. Haha

Pictures taken during other days

This is Joey.

I met up with my friends a few days ago and caught the movie Red Riding Hood.
The movie is very nice!
I shall not be a spoiler here. Hehe

But you all should try watching it.
It's not bad, except for the ending which is think is quite lousy but my friend said it's not. Haha


OH and also I've caught the movie I am Number Four. (I forgot to mention previously.
I went to watch with Andrea last week. Hehe.
The movie is very very very very nice.
I would prefer I am Number Four than Red Riding Hood, but both are nice! :P
I am Number Four is a MUST watch, seriously. Haha

That's it for now.


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