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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Batam Trip Early March


Early March, I went on a trip to Batam to find my cousin.
I was supposed to return on Saturday but I came back a day earlier because my cousin said she want to come to Singapore earlier -.-
And there's nothing much to do there. So yeah.

Here's a few pictures I took.
Not much though because I only brought my camera with me on the first day.
There's nothing to much to take too =\

In the ferry with minimal makeup haha.

Jessica (:

Other pictures taken during other days.

Andrea (:

That day I got my nails done ^^
Can't remember what is the name for this color.

That's all for now.

Thanks! :D

Bye :D

Friday, March 25, 2011

MMK Event Ended


It's been quite a while since I last posted.

MMK Mobile Event @ NEX has ended.
It was fun working for all the 3 days!

For this event, there were a lot more customers than the event held at Liang Court.

For the last day, we had teppanyaki at one of the restaurant in Shokutsu 10 ^^
I did not really take pictures so here's some I've gotten from Shokutsu 10 and MMK Facebook page

Teppanyaki for dinner. Yummy!

Hitomi, Tomomi and me :D

I look a bit fat here -.- But whatever~ :D
Oh here's a video of one of the performance we did.
Please ignore me as it was my first time performing (for this dance) and I've only learn it once -_-

Oh and thanks everyone for buying the MMK merchandise as we've managed to raised around three thousand dollars for the donation to Red Cross (to help Japan)! ^^


Till then..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 1 MMK @ NEX


Today was the first day working at NEX for MMK Mobile Cafe!
It was quite fun but tiring at the same time.

The new meidos are quite enthusiastic and helpful!

Left to right: Tomomi, Tsuriki, Moe, ME :P, Michiyo, Miyu and Hitomi

Today we managed to sold about 50 MMK mugs!
We're left with around 50 more!
If you're interested in getting the mugs, do drop by asap as stocks are limited.

We're also selling Doki Doki Pan and Chiffon cake and the money will be donated to Red Cross to help Japan!
Do drop by support okay? (:

Thanks for those who came down today to support! ^^

Alright, I'm going to sleep soon.
Tomorrow is going to be another long day for me!


Thursday, March 17, 2011



I will be working at NEX Serangoon for Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe tomorrow till this Sunday.

Do drop by our cafe if you're free :D


Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Hi, my name is Kopi.

Kopi: She wants to kiss me. *blush* HAHAHAHA

Kopi: I can do Hi-5!

Kopi: See! I told you I can do it.

LOL. Ok these pictures are taken in Joey's house when I went to her house to discuss some things.
Her dog is so cute. Haha

Pictures taken during other days

This is Joey.

I met up with my friends a few days ago and caught the movie Red Riding Hood.
The movie is very nice!
I shall not be a spoiler here. Hehe

But you all should try watching it.
It's not bad, except for the ending which is think is quite lousy but my friend said it's not. Haha


OH and also I've caught the movie I am Number Four. (I forgot to mention previously.
I went to watch with Andrea last week. Hehe.
The movie is very very very very nice.
I would prefer I am Number Four than Red Riding Hood, but both are nice! :P
I am Number Four is a MUST watch, seriously. Haha

That's it for now.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Supei's birthday


It's Supei's birthday! (okay but very outdated post.)

Birthday girl

Polaroid shots :D

Pictures taken the night before her birthday (:

Alright, so this is her second birthday celebration for this year as previously we've celebrated her birthday together with two of my other friends, Joey and Jolynn at the chalet.

It was really a celebration but we just hang out and had dinner together on that day (:
Simple and sweet.


okay bye!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day out with Andrea

Hey hey.

It's been a while since I last posted a proper post. Haha

Recently I went out with Andrea.
It's been quite some time since I hang out with her.

Here's some pictures we took.


Please ignore the background LOL

Red bean ice-cream pancake!

We hang out on 2 different days but the above pictures are picture taken on one of the days.
We're trying to find any nice places to take pictures because there's really nothing much to do in Singapore other than hanging out, eat and shopping =\

I find that during the holidays, there's nothing much to do as I do not have a job and playing games are boring~
Recently I've been staying at home watching Japanese drama.
Yesterday I've just finished watching Kurosagi.
It's quite a nice show! Yamapi is so coool~ Haha
But the ending kinda suck.

Miyu told me that the movie shows the ending so I might go and watch the movie later on.

OH! and there's something I want to say.
My post below is about the next MMK event held at NEX Serangoon.
They're opening up an Audition to look for new meidos to join us for the next event.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the meidos, do join the audition!
Here's the link to the application form:

Before you sign up for it, do take a look on our fanpage to know what we do and stuff (if you're not sure)

More information can be found here:

Good luck for the audition! ^^

So that's it for now~


Monday, March 7, 2011

MMK Maid Cafe @ NEX Serangoon


Have you heard about the upcoming MMK event that will be held at NEX Serangoon?

The next event will be a little different from others.
For this event, we will be collaborating with The Green Pumpkin Cafe and Shokotsu 10 ^^

Here's our Chibi characters.
Isn't it cute? Haha

For this special event, Shokutsu 10 will be launching a new cake named Doki Doki Pan! A brand new creation specially crafted by the master baker at Shokutsu 10 exclusively for MMK Cafe Mobile event at The Green Pumpkin Cafe. Doki Doki Pan will only be available for 3 days during the MMK Cafe event.

Other than that, we're also giving away 1 set of Chibi Mugs (6 mugs) will be given to 6 lucky winners (1 mug each)
For more information about the contest, do click on the link below:

Here's more information about the event (below)

Full Menu for the event
**Menu and Price are subjected to change

Oh oh, we have prepared a new dance and a new song to perform for the event.
Do come and take a look! ^^

See you at the event!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Back from Batam Trip


This blog is kinda dead so I'm here blogging :P
I just came back from my Batam trip awhile ago..

I'll blog about it some other time. (:

By the way, right now (4-6th March) there's anime screening at Republic Polytechnic! 

Those who are interested quickly get your tickets now! 2 more days left ^^
(Read the blog post below for more info!)

I'll be going to school tomorrow to help promote for the next MMK event hehe.

Alright, that's it for now.