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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sandra's hamster

Hello! ^^

When I went over to my cousin's house for Chinese New Year visiting, I saw her hamster and it's super cute TTM!

My cousin said she was always photo ready, which is quite true HAHA.
It's so hard to take the other hamsters because they keep moving around ~.~
This is the female hamster that gave birth to 5 little baby hamsters!

I did not take pictures of the 5 baby hamsters =\
Another picture of her.
Sooooo cute!

I think she has a total of 7 hamsters. So many!

I feel like keep hamsters again! 
But I shall consider about it since when I was young I don't really take care of my hamsters and I always forget to lock the gate and the hamsters run out -_-

That's it for now.


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