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Friday, February 25, 2011



Quoted from Sozo Pte Ltd.
We are happy to announce that we launching a new event called JPlex! JPLex is an experimental event format we are testing out. We are planning more of these mini-events throughout 2011 as we head into AFA at the end of the year.

This event incorporates anime blockbuster movie screening and musical concerts, including related merchandise. For this iteration, Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower, Sokyuu no Fafner: Heaven and Earth and Gundam Unicorn Episode 3: The Ghost of Laplace will be screened at the event. To tie it with the Naruto and Sokyuu no Fafner movies, FLOW and angela will be performing at the event.
Tickets for the movie screenings will cost $13 and the concert tickets costs $98. Each concert will be limited to 330 seats per show. For the concerts, there will be a meet and greet session after each concert with the artiste. Attendees who have bought concert merchandise will receive autographs from the artistes. More details will follow soon.

Woah~ Anime screening will be held at Republic Polytechnic!
I think I might be going to catch the Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 :P

If you're interested in FLOW and Angela's concert, do book your tickets now!

For more information, visit:

Also do join their Facebook page:

Sunday, February 20, 2011



The slackers

Met up with my friends a few days ago.
It's been awhile since I last saw them (:

Oh and
Happy Birthday Supei !

Today is the day she was born (:
Will be meeting up with my usual cliques later to celebrate her birthday.

That's it for now~


Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Have been busy studying for my exams lately.

Some of the modules are soooooo difficult!
I kind of gave up in the end because of time constraint and laziness. Haha

Today's paper was Marketing.
Thank god it wasn't that difficult as I did not finish my revision yesterday.

Hope that tomorrow's Financial Accounting paper will not be that difficult.
At least give me a pass!!! 

That's about it.

じゃ、またね~( ̄ー ̄)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello! ^^

Hehe last year's birthday gift from my friends.

It quite dirty now ):
But still cute right! HAHA

Okay just being random.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Field Trip - National Museum of Singapore


How's your Chinese New Year angbao collection? Hehe
I will post about my CNY next time as I have yet to upload the pictures and stuff.
But don't expect much because there's not much photos HAHA

Alright, I've been really really busy these few days as I had to revise for my exams which is next week!
I've been slacking a lot lately so now I'll need to work very hard in order to maintain my grades ):
So sorry for the lack of updates!

Last Wednesday, I went on a field trip with my classmates for our Hospitality and Tourism Management module.
We went to the National Museum of Singapore!

It was our last lesson and our last field trip for this module.

So here're some pictures I took on that day (:




A few of my classmates (:

I'll not be posting the pictures I took inside the museum as there's quite a few of it =\
These are the pictures I took using my camera, I've yet to get the others from my classmate so I'll post the other pictures some other time (:

The lesson ended early and we went over to Popeye's for lunch together with the facilitator.
After that I took the train home together with a few of them.

So that's about it,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Sandra's hamster

Hello! ^^

When I went over to my cousin's house for Chinese New Year visiting, I saw her hamster and it's super cute TTM!

My cousin said she was always photo ready, which is quite true HAHA.
It's so hard to take the other hamsters because they keep moving around ~.~
This is the female hamster that gave birth to 5 little baby hamsters!

I did not take pictures of the 5 baby hamsters =\
Another picture of her.
Sooooo cute!

I think she has a total of 7 hamsters. So many!

I feel like keep hamsters again! 
But I shall consider about it since when I was young I don't really take care of my hamsters and I always forget to lock the gate and the hamsters run out -_-

That's it for now.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve 2011


Happy Chinese New Year Eve!
I'm so so so bored now..

Just had reunion dinner with my parents and aunt and now I'm in my room listening to music and doing nothing =\

I went to photoshop my photo since I've nothing much to do.

Here's the results!

Haha I look like I have elf ears!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year!
Can't wait to get many many many red packets from my relatives. Hehe :P

Alright, that's it for now!