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Friday, January 14, 2011

Formal Presentation


How are you guys today? Good? :P

Alright so today there was a formal presentation together with another class taking the same module.
I was so nervous since we are presenting to other classes and I usually suck at that.

After the presentation, Heather asked me how did I do the logo for my project and I told her how and we went on and on till how to edit hair color and stuff.

So I used a picture of mine and did an exaggerated photoshop-ed photo.

My eyes look super huge and my nose is super small!
Don't you think the hair color looks nice? :P

It wasn't really done properly as you can see my hair below the color looks a little fake.
So to those photoshop experts, please do not comment on that photo since it was just for fun :P

We also took some webcam photos during the lesson too.
Here are some pictures that we took.

So, that's all for now.



  1. The hair color suits you sooo much! >3< And the gigantic eyes are just... cute :3

  2. Haha. Really? But it's bad for the hair if I were to dye that color :P

  3. Yep! haha! Your normal hair color is okay though.. =w=
    But you look much moar awesome with the red hair XD