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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue eye-d


I'm half Eurasian since I've 1 blue eye! 
Lame LOL

Got bored at home and decided to edit my pictures :P
How I wish I have blue eyes Lol

Btw, I think I look like a guy in that picture HAHAHAHA :X

Alright, that's it for now.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011



Here's more webcam pictures taken in class.

There's some unglam ones though HAHA

No time to pose properly!







HAHAHAHA "I'm so handsome" LOLOL

No time to pose! LOL

9? Haha

Kiss kiss. HAHAHAH

Alright that's all.

Bye! ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping with Mum


FOTD (Face of the day)
Actually my FOTD almost all the same, just that I use different lashes (although it looks the same) and different eyeshadow colors :P

Few days ago I went out with my mum to get some clothes for Chinese New Year.
I went to town and there's sooooooo many people and I didn't get to buy any clothes because it's too squeezy and I don't have the mood to shop for clothes -.-

But whatever~
It's been quite some time since I went out with my mum. (:

These few years I've been quite lazy to shop for clothes since my father's relative are all "toot toot" one and I'm like the extra for wearing so nice and they wear like so normal.
Plus I didn't visit my mother's relative because they're not living in Singapore.

So why should I bother to dress up so nicely? Even if I wear not new clothes they also don't know since I see them once a year. Hehe
But it's new year ): I want to get more clothes but there's so many people doing last minute shopping now (I'm one of them) -.-

Whatever~ Lol

Alright, ending here.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Webcam again!


Here some more webcam pictures! ^^

That's it for now~

Bye! ^^

Friday, January 21, 2011

(Advertorial) Le' Glass Slippers


*photos re-uploaded*

Chinese New Year is coming! Have you guys shopped for clothes yet?

Let me introduce to you an online boutique called Le' Glass Slippers

Le' Glass Slippers features self-manufactured designs and exclusively imported items

Here are some items I chose:

Cross-front Babydoll in Black.

I find that this top is very cute because it has a corset style front.
It comes with 4 different colors; Black, White, Pink and Ash.
I had a hard time choosing the color for this top as all the colors look so nice!

Zipped Bow Top in Denim Black

Zipped bow top features a front zip, and smocked at the bust side.
It is made of quality thick denim.

It also has a cute ribbon behind (:
It comes in 3 different colors; Denim Black, Blue and Baby Blue

X-back dress in Champagne

X-back dress features a cross-front neckline with gem and pleated detailing at the front and an attractive x-back.
It is made with good quality matte satin.
It comes in 3 different colors; Black, Pink and Champagne.

Do check out this blogshop as currently they're having a clearance sale
Do remember to quote my name "Jasmine" when ordering to get 10% discount!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

More webcam pictures!


Hehehe, there's more webcam pictures here!
Recently I've been taking a lot of pictures using my laptop's webcam.
Although the quality kinda suck -,-

Sorry if I look shitty.
The photos are not edited :P

These pictures are taken at MacDonald's :D
Was late for school so we decided to have breakfast there. Hehe

That's it for now!