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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiger Crystal Beer


Alright, I just finished a photoshoot yesterday with a bunch of friends.
It was pretty stressful for me since I do not know how to pose and stuff.
So they all are so kind enough to teach me :P
Thanks a lot!

The photos will be posted another day as I'm waiting for Hellven to upload it. (:

Oh by the way, I went to Essensuals to get my hair done for the photoshoot.

Actually nothing much was done, they just straightened my hair for me.
But the service they provide was quite good ^^ Satisfied.

Right now they're having a promotion going on.


Alright so recently, before Christmas, I was working for an event for Tiger Beer.
They've launched a new variant of tiger beer called the Tiger Crystal Beer.
*I'm not introducing to you guys, just saying only :P*

Here's some picture I took while working..

Sylvia, Vanessa and me :D

A pretty beer ambassador. I think her name is May.


That's it for now.


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