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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping with Peiting!


I shall start with pictures first!

The lighting suck, it is suppose to be light to dark from the inside of the eye to the outside.

Let me introduce her to you guys!
This is Peiting, a tall girl. I'm always jealous of her height. =\

This is me! I'm Jasmine and I'm a left-hander. Ok just kidding HAHA

Let's take a photo together

More photos!

Big small eyes

Retarded -.-



LOL Look at Peiting's face.

Smile with teeth! Ok it's kinda ugly but whatever~



Some photo of myself!

It's been quite a while since I last went out with Peiting :P
So we've decided to go shopping since we ran out of clothes to wear.

We spend a short time buying stuff because we didn't think much and just buy it.
We regret buying some of the stuff but it's okay, since we're impulse buyers HAHAHA.

After that we had dinner at MOS Burger and started taking pictures (picture above) :P
Then we went home! ^^

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